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Wenzhou Sorbo Technology Co., Ltd.

Premier designer and manufacturer of portable lighting products, electronic gadgets, promotional items

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    No. 2, Daqing Road, Ouhai Gaoxiang Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Wenzhou Sorbo Technology Co., Ltd. is a premier designer and manufacturer of portable lighting products, electronic gadgets, handy travel tools, solar-powered camping gear, promotional items, power banks and rechargeable batteries with built-in USB ports. Sorbo Technology develops a broad range of innovative products that combine superb style, compact portability, outstanding performance, mechanical perfection, versatile functionality, as well as precise attention to detail. Sorbo strives for a consistently high level of excellence in delivering cutting edge products, competitive pricing, and quality-driven customer service. The company's relentless technological innovation and ever-consolidating engineering capabilities since 2001 have built itself a solid reputation in the consumer products industry.

Sorbo carries a robust portfolio of portable lights that are built with inspirational designs, trendsetting aesthetics, rugged performance and practical features. The Sorbo LED camping lanterns, renowned for the rocky durability to withstand the outdoor rigors, are available in a selection of feature-rich models to accommodate versatile consumer needs. The features incorporated in Sorbo's weather resistant LED lanterns include collapsible solar panels, vertically telescopic design, hand crank power generation, integrated radio systems, versatile mounting options, spotlighting function, and USB power charging. Sorbo's LED flashlights feature the latest LED technology, constructed with waterproof design and hand crank power for an extremely reliable light source to aid in emergency assistance, temporary household lighting, and other outdoor activities. Sorbo's vast light collections also include LED headlamps, motion sensor night lights, lighted silicon drift bottles, and multipurpose tools that integrate features like emergency lighting, car window breaking, radio receivers, hand crank power generating and mobile phone charging.

The manufacturing of leading edge market-driven consumer products is a complex process that starts from design to delivery. Every step demands a dedicated, unwavering commitment to creative designing, superior engineering, sophisticated manufacturing and rigorous quality management. Sorbo's core competencies begin with its excellent product development capabilities. The company holds a compelling design and innovation portfolio which has consistently been recognized by the internationally-renowned awards programs, including the Red Dot Design Award and Canton Fair Design Award.

Encompassing an area of 15,000 square meters, Sorbo has in-house tool and die facilities, injection molding equipment, decanted solar module assembly workshop, and operates 3 clean area PCB fabrication lines, 18 final product assembly and testing lines. Sorbo's modern high-speed equipment features robotic systems to meet increased requirements on product capacity and assembly accuracy. Sorbo Technology's world-class infrastructure and professional manufacturing operations are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified and have been accredited by the most influential factory audit programs including BSCI, Walmart, and Dillard.

Value added design and engineering services paired with vertically integrated production from raw materials to assembled products give Sorbo tremendous advantage in developing products with global brand recognitions as well as providing a complete package of OEM/ODM solutions that outperform its competitors in every aspect - design, quality, efficiency, cost and service.
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